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Traditional channels are crumbling, their fall precipitated by disruptive technologies.What effect is this having now, or will it have on your company? And, how should you respond? Where and how should you apply your resources to be competitive in this eRevolution?

There is a lot of fear and confusion out there. Cloud. SEO. Big Data. Amazon. Social. Digital. Mobile. Wearable. Within all this change, companies need to find a way to adapt, to transform, to not only survive, but to thrive. With these great changes comes great opportunity – the opportunity to either fail or to succeed. Decisions must be made. But which ones, and how?

As a 3-time CIO (two different publicly-traded companies each of which were multi-billion dollar high-growth monsters in their space and one smaller PE held company) and IT Management Consultant (Deloitte, J.D. Edwards, and Marubeni), these are the very questions I have helped companies successfully face and resolve.

In each case, I led teams of Executives, IT Staff, Business & Process Subject Matter Experts, and System Users to competitively place companies at the disruptive vanguard of the digital revolution within their respective industries only to realize tremendous revenue and margin benefit.

No Wall Street Journal articles about failed implementations and soured customer relations. No PR nightmares. Just good, honest, increase to corporate income and value.

Which raises the question, in each case, how did we successfully tackle the tremendous challenges of business transformation through technology?

In this site, we will explore core competencies comprising operational Paths to Value, we will examine the features empowering a true Customer-Centric System, and we will reflect on what it takes to Transform an Enterprise.

In short, I share my insights on what works and what does not to hopefully stimulate some thought and help you see more clearly through the smoke and mirrors.

Please contact us to talk about how to digitally supercharge your business today.


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